A port rotator for mosh

Mosh is a great tool if you use SSH over unreliable connections.

By default it chooses a port within a pre-set range. You can also configure it to use a fixed port.

What you can’t (yet) do is get it to choose a port within a chosen range. This makes it tricky to open multiple terminals with if you are not using the pre-set range. It forces you to remember what terminals might already be open. The below script fixes that – it rotates through the range you configure.


# Call this script instead of calling "mosh", with all the parameters you would normally use, except --port. This script will choose the least-recently used port in the range you configure below.

# Script by: David Anderson - http://david.dw-perspective.org.uk - http://wordshell.net
# Licence: Public domain

# Configuration: add your port range here

if [[ -f ~/.moshport ]]; then
LASTPORT=`cat ~/.moshport`


echo "Calling mosh: --port=$THISPORT" "$@"

echo $THISPORT >~/.moshport

mosh --port=$THISPORT "$@"

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