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Getting a Dell V305 (and others) printer to work with Linux (Fedora)

Here are a few brief notes, in case you have one of these devices… I eventually worked it out from Google, but the advice was rather technical, so you may find this easier.

My Linux distribution is/was Fedora 16, 64-bit. But these instructions should work on various distributions. Or it may not – these things can be complex. But it’s worth a try.

This guide just covers printing. That was all I needed to do. The same general routine will cover many Dell/Lexmark printers

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The first thing to know is that the Dell don’t make printers. The Dell V305 is simply a rebranded Lexmark x4650.

Stage one: download the drivers

Stage two: install the drivers

Stage three: make the system know that your Dell is really a Lexmark

This next bit is more technical. You need to become the administrator on your system, in order to edit some system files. On Fedora this means running the “su -” command and entering the root password; on other systems (and possibly later Fedoras), use “sudo -sH” instead, and enter your own password.

Stage four: Add the printer driver

Open up your system’s tool for adding printers. For me, this was the command “system-config-printer”. It could also be found on the desktop menu too.

That was it. You may need to unplug and replug the printer; but after that, printing worked fine for me.