Is belief in divine creation rational?

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According to today’s Internet atheists, logic, reason and science are all opposed to belief in divine creation. Creationists are biased, and unable to parse the evidence because of their prior belief in God. The scientific method, they claim, will lead us to an atheistic or agnostic position.

In this talk, given in September 2007, I take the atheists on. My argument is that a proper consideration of the issues of logic, reason and rationality makes one thing very clear: the atheists are without excuse. You can listen to the talk with the accompanying presentation via Google video (via Adobe Flash Player), or you can download it as MP3 with the presentation on the web or in PDF form.

Also on this page I link in some debates, spoken and written, that are very valuable if you want to think more about this area. Not all of them are free; all of them are worth immensely more than you will be charged for them.

Finally, if you would like this talk to be presented to any group that you are involved in, please get in touch – details below.

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