Jesus at Capernaum

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After being rejected at Nazareth, Jesus moved to Capernaum. There, he showed them the authority of his words; in his teaching, over evil spirits and over sickness. That authority has no limits. He showed them also his compassion, as he used that authority for the benefit of all who came to him; both "insignificant" individuals and crowds. Yet that authority was never shown just for effect - it was shown so that they might take the teaching as seriously as it deserved; that they might come to know Jesus for who he really is.

Passages:Luke 4:31-44
Date:October 23, 2011
Series & Preacher:The Gospel of Luke, David Anderson (Brotherhood Baptist Church, Eldoret, Sunday Evangelistic Meeting)
Tags:authority of jesus, capernaum, demons, galilee, luke, preaching, roman catholicism, sickness, simon peter, synagogues
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