Colossians 1:13-23 - Christ is all

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Paul had never met these Christians in Colosse. He had never been there (2:1). But he cared much for them. He was the apostle to the nations. They were his work, his concern and his joy. He wanted to make sure they had a strong foundation. There were false teachers and wrong practices in Colosse. He wanted them to make sure they had the true, apostolic Christianity. We also need to make sure of this. There are many "churches" and many "Jesus-es" being preached. Do we have the real Jesus?

Passages:Colossians 1:13-23
Date:April 14, 2012
Series & Preacher:Colossians - Homa Bay Schools Conference Easter 2012, David Anderson (None)
Tags:colosse, colossians, person of christ, redemption, the gospel
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