Genesis 25:12-34 - Isaac, Ishmael, Jacob and Esau

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This is not a new story. It continues the story of the Bible: God has a plan to redeem the world. Especially, it continues the story of Abraham. God had appeared to Abraham, chosen him and given him great promises. He had said that he would become a great people, and receive the land of Canaan to live it, and be greatly blessed. The Messiah would come from that family. Why read about Isaac, Jacob and Esau? Because they were the sons of Abraham, and the promises were passed on to them. Salvation came to the world through their family. Abraham had now died; and Isaac was married to Rebekah.

Passages:Genesis 25:12-34
Date:July 22, 2012
Series & Preacher:The lives of Isaac and Jacob, David Anderson (Brotherhood Baptist Church, Eldoret, Believers' Fellowship)
Tags:esau, genesis, isaac, ishmael, jacob, patriarchs
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