2 Peter 1v1-3 - Introduction to 2 Peter (with Luo translation)

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Peter was a fisherman. He fished on lake Galilee, often at night. One day he met Jesus, and believed in him. One day later on, Jesus called him to leave his fishing, and be with him. He taught him and made him an apostle. After that came many sufferings, many trials, and blessings. Now he was coming near the end of his life (1:14). He wanted to make sure the church was ready for the departing of the apostles. In 1 Peter, he had taught them how to live with suffering caused by outsiders. Now he taught them about dangers inside the church. False teachers and ungodly living were problems then, and today. In this letter, Peter teaches us how to be safe against their attacks.

Passages:2 Peter 1:1-3
Date:August 11, 2012
Series & Preacher:2 Peter - Homa Bay 2012, David Anderson (None)
Tags:2 peter, dholuo, homa bay schools conference, luo, peter
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