2 Peter 1v3-11 - Make your calling and election sure (with Luo translation)

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Peter saw a great challenge for the Christians reading his letter. 2:1 tells us that there were many false teachers. They changed God's truth – and they lived ungodly lives, e.g. 2:10. Those two things always go together. Those who destroy God's foundation of truth also destroy the house of godly living. It is the same today – false teachers lead Christians away into sin. We need to lay a better foundation. To stop the Christians being led away, Peter taught them the truth about Christian growth, in this passage. They had begun by believing, and coming to know God (1:1-2). Now they need to know how to continue the Christian life the safe, true way.

Passages:2 Peter 1:3-11
Date:August 11, 2012
Series & Preacher:2 Peter - Homa Bay 2012, David Anderson (None)
Tags:2 peter, dholuo, homa bay schools conference, luo
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