2 Peter 3v1-10 - The day of the Lord (with Luo translation)

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This is a letter from a friend, verse 1. He has written to warn us about sin and judgment – but not to scare us. He is trying to remind us; to stir us up again so that we can walk in the light and in the truth. It is too easy for us to grow lazy and tired. We begin to forget; we begin to doubt and fear. He is reminding us of what the prophets wrote long ago, and what the Lord Jesus, our precious Saviour, taught himself and by his prophets. Now he wants to remind us about the Day of the Lord, so that we can be ready.

Passages:2 Peter 3:1-10
Date:August 14, 2012
Series & Preacher:2 Peter - Homa Bay 2012, David Anderson (None)
Tags:2 peter, dholuo, final judgment, homa bay schools conference, last day, last days, luo, noah's flood
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