Luke 10v25-37 - The good Samaritan

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Luke has been teaching us many lessons about discipleship. Do you know what that is? Christianity is not a way to get a ticket to heaven, and then live our own way. It teaches us the way we must live on God's earth. Many have the name of Christians; but there are few true disciples. In this passage we find a very religious man – but he was not ready to be a disciple. Yet Jesus also welcomed those very far from God to become disciples. How is it with you?

Passages:Luke 10:25-37
Date:August 19, 2012
Series & Preacher:The Gospel of Luke, David Anderson (Brotherhood Baptist Church, Eldoret, Sunday Evangelistic Meeting)
Tags:eating with sinners, good samaritan, law of god, love to neighbour, luke, samaritans
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