The Gospel Passover

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This passage tells us what happened on the early part of the night in which Jesus was betrayed. It tells us about the "upper room" where the disciples ate the Jewish Passover - and where Jesus gave them a new meal to remember the "Gospel Passover" that he was about to achieve through his death. It shows us that every detail was under God's control - whilst giving us a terrible warning that Judas retained full responsibility for his sin. The Old Covenant was passing away, and a New Covenant was about to take effect through Jesus' death. This message will encourage and challenge you as to where you stand in relationship to God and his way of dealing with the world today.

Passages:Mark 14:12-25
Date:October 31, 2010
Series & Preacher:Gospel of Mark, David Anderson (Grace Baptist Church, Eldoret, Sunday Morning)
Tags:bethany, betrayal, communion, final week, jerusalem, judas, lord's supper, mark, new covenant, passover
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