The betrayal and trial of Jesus

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This passage covers the betrayal and trial of Jesus, and Peter's sad fall. It shows us great contrasts - Jesus, fully in control, yet submitting to hideous evil for the sake of saving his people; the malice and hatred of his enemies who hated him simply because he walked in the light whilst their hearts were in darkness; and the weakness of his disciples who though they loved him, could not begin to enter into the work which belonged to him alone. Here is sin, the power and grace of Christ, our need and a wonderful salvation!

Passages:Mark 14:43-72
Date:November 14, 2010
Series & Preacher:Gospel of Mark, David Anderson (Grace Baptist Church, Eldoret, Sunday Morning)
Tags:betrayal, caiaphas, calvary, final week, judas, mark, peter, sufferings of jesus, trial
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