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The holiness of God

This issue of “Grace Magazine” is about holiness. We believe that this topic is one of the most vital needs for Kenya today. Kenya has many problems with poverty, with health, with education, with politics and so on. But the … Continue reading

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Grace Magazine (Kenya) – Holiness

Download the whole magazine to read (one file) A single file for download in A4 or A5 format, together with printing instructions, is pending. Read on-line: Contents More to come… Editor’s notes “Be holy, for I the LORD your God … Continue reading

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Grace Magazine, Kenya

Issues: Holiness (published: September 2012) Shepherds of God’s Flock (published: July 2011) Love (published: 2010)  

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We love him, because he first loved us

The theme of this first issue is “Christian love”. The word “Christian” means “of Christ” or “related to Christ”. Therefore, if we are to know anything about Christian love, we have to begin with the love that has come to … Continue reading

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Msiipende dunia

“Msiipende dunia, wala mambo yaliyomo katika dunia. Mtu akiipenda dunia, kumpenda Baba hakumo ndani yake. Maana kila kilichomo duniani, yaani, tamaa ya mwili, na tamaa ya macho, na kiburi cha uzima, havitokani na Baba, bali vyatokana na dunia. Na dunia … Continue reading

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Love in the family – husbands and fathers

The family is the place where the reality – or not – of a Christian profession is shown. Whatever a man or woman is in their family; that is what they are. No bad father and bad husband was ever … Continue reading

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Love and law

How does love relate to God’s law? Which is more important? In churches today is it true that love matters, but the law has nothing to do with us any more? How can we know what love is? Is it … Continue reading

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Encouraging love in the local church

One of God’s central purposes in the local church is love. In 1 Timothy 1:5, Paul wrote, “Now the goal of the commandment is love from a pure heart.” Different churches may have more or less gifts in different areas. … Continue reading

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Christian books on the subject of love

All of these books are available through Africa Christian Textbooks (ACTS) – details on the “Announcements” page. For the Love of God – D A Carson: When you love somebody you want to find out all you can about them. … Continue reading

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Africa Christian Textbooks (ACTS) ACTS is a registered Trust. Our goal is to provide theological books to Bible students and pastors across East Africa. We sell books that are Evangelical and relevant to the African context. We make the books … Continue reading

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