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Editor’s notes

The theme of this issue is being a true pastor – a “Shepherd of God’s Flock”. The word “pastor” means “shepherd”. A true church leader is someone who cares for God’s sheep. He is the greatest blessing that God’s people can receive, if he is faithful. His joy is to feed the flock, to protect them from dangers and to lead them into green fields. An unfaithful pastor is one of the worst possible curses a church can suffer. Instead of feeding the flock, he kills, eats and skins them for his own satisfaction. For churches in Kenya to be truly reformed according to the Bible, their pastors need to be reformed. They need to remember the good shepherd, Jesus Christ, who humbled himself and died for the sheep. If pastors follow the ways of this world, they will also be condemned with this world. If they repent and follow Jesus Christ, they will get his reward: “And when the chief Shepherd appears, you will receive the unfading crown of glory” – 1 Peter 5:4.

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