Dublin Marathon 2007 : In Aid of West Pokot

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Donations collected in partnership with Grace Baptist Mission, UK charity number 263133.

Final total: £2,714.04. Marathon result: 1,649th (approx. 11,000 starters), time 03:40:15.

Blog here: http://dublinmarathon07.blogspot.com/

Secure Online Donations

Your donation will be processed by "Google Checkout", who can take all the common credit and debit cards, and process the transaction in a secure manner. You will be passed to an SSL-encrypted page before any card details are taken. You will receive a receipt for your donation, which will be passed on to Trinity Baptist Church in Doonholm, Nairobi, who have overseen many schools in Pokot for several years, with gift-aided donations going via Grace Baptist Mission (http://www.gbm.org.uk), a registered charity.

Here is what your money could buy in Pokot (£1 is worth about $2):

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Are you a United Kingdom taxpayer who can pay under Gift Aid? (We can claim back an extra 28% on your gift from the treasury if so - making a gift of £20.00 worth £25.60).

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Are you potentially interested in ongoing sponsorship, e.g. of a teacher or school?

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Donation: £ (1 GBP is worth about 2 US dollars).