Le TabernacleHere are a few miscellaneous resources. See also my index of writings, page of links and page of sermons.

  • Evangelistic tracts – tracts that I have written and that can be re-used
  • Bible Map of the Mediterranean Most Bible maps are copyright and it’s hard to get permission to use them. This one was hand-drawn by my lovely wife Liz and is in the public domain for you to use as you please. It contains only a few place-name labels, designed for use in explaining the missionary journeys of the Acts of the Apostles. Download here (TIF format). Some people have had trouble opening that file, here it is in a different (GIF) format.
  • Exodus and the Tabernacle – a summary of the book of Exodus, by Martin Bussey (a Bible college lecturer in Africa), mostly based upon Vern Polythress’s “The Shadow of Christ in the Law of Moses”. You can also download a basic diagram (OpenOffice/OpenDocument format) of the tabernacle, ou si on prèfere, le tabernacle, en français.
  • Simple OT / historical writings summary – a simple chart to summarise the times and messages of the “historical books” (as classified in the English Bible – Joshua through to Esther): PDF / OpenDocument.
  • Kids’ Club Games. (OpenDocument format – try OpenOffice.Org) – an A5 booklet with descriptions of over 30 games (with simple equipment requirements – mostly just bean bags, skittles, ribbons or a football) that we have used at children’s clubs (aged about 5-13) in Kenya. Feel free to use it, adapt it and send me your improvements. Consider it public domain. Kids in Kenya do not have all the electronic distractions of the UK, which is a big advantage for us. If you can’t work out how to print out the A5 booklet onto A4, then instead use this A4 PDF and just print the odd pages, turn over, put back into the printer and print the even pages.
  • Some computer resources – various recipes and bits of information, particularly for Linux users.
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