Reformation for Kenya

  •  “Reformation for Kenya” – A collection of papers I wrote, as a missionary in this great land of gospel challenge, gospel opportunity, gospel need and gospel grief. I hope that these papers will be of great help to would-be missionaries, “home churches”, mission supporters and ultimately believers of all kinds.

Theological Essays

Book Reviews


  • I have written a few tracts for spreading the good news or for teaching. You are free to re-use them for the same purpose. Follow this link.

Grace Magazine (Kenya)

Other / Miscellaneous

  • Can An Atheist Believe In Right And Wrong? The transcript of an apologetic talk given in summer 2008, examining the inconsistency between atheism and universal human assumptions about morality.
  • A Higher Law?
    Written during the British MPs’ expenses scandal in mid-2009, this brief article looks at the underlying issues and asks what is the root of the reason why people got so upset.
  • The (consistent) atheist’s ten commandments
    Thankfully, most atheists are not consistent with their starting premises… though others (Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot) have been more so.

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