I am the resurrection and the life

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"I am the resurrection and the life". Jesus said these words to Martha, who was grieving over her dead brother, Lazarus. Martha was a faithful believer who knew from the Scriptures that Lazarus would rise again. But times were moving on, and now she needed to realise a precious truth that was newly revealed: the resurrection is all about Jesus Christ. All the power of it is in him, and all the glory of it for him. We benefit from the coming resurrection only in Christ. This evangelistic message again draws our eyes to Jesus and reveals more of who he really is.

Passages:John 11:1-44
Date:October 30, 2010
Series & Preacher:"I AM" sayings of Jesus, David Anderson (Pioneer (Eldoret) Saturday Evangelistic Meeting)
Tags:bethany, evangelistic, I am sayings, john, lazarus, martha, resurrection
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